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Village Walk Health Centre
1 The Village Walk

Tel: 44 (0) 1624 656020

email: laxey&villagewalk@gov.im

Laxey & Village Walk Health







Laxey Health Centre
New Road


Tel: 44 (0) 1624 861350
email: laxey&villagewalk@gov.im


Our Clinics & Services


Training Practice


We have been recently approved from Health Education North West GP School as a training practice. We will be responsible for delivering high quality training for general practice

As a training practice, doctors experienced in hospital medicine join us for a few months to a year before embarking on careers in general practice. They work under supervision from the partners.

Often we will have a G.P. Registrar (a fully trained doctor who is receiving final specialist G.P. training) or Foundation year doctor( fully qualified doctor who is training in General practice).

He/she will be available for consultation. We usually have one or two doctors training with us. Because of this role you may find that some of our consultations are recorded on videotape. These recordings are kept strictly confidential and are used for teaching doctors. Your consent will always be sought before this is done, so you have the choice to refuse prior to seeing the doctor.

Our Practice Nurses


We have three Practice Nurses, Debby Ashe (RGN), Louise Thomas (RGN) and Lynne Norton (RGN). Our Practice Nurses carry out many practical procedures such as

  • dressings
  • removal of sutures
  • ear-syringing
  • injections
  • blood pressure reading
  • performing cervical smear tests

They also have an important role in health promotion including

  • Disease Management which covers Diabetes, Asthma and Heart Disease.
  • Advice on diet/exercise, smoking cessation, cholesterol, family planning, sexual health and breast awareness.

The nurses carry out most of the immunisations and offer travel advice.


The nurses are available for consultation directly without referral from the doctor. Please make an appointment at reception.




Ante-natal care is undertaken during normal surgery hours. We provide shared care with the Consultant Obstetrician at Noble’s Hospital. A Midwife offers weekly antenatal sessions at Village Walk Health Centre.  


Family Planning


Family planning advice, including emergency contraception, is provided during normal surgery hours. Please ask to speak to our Practice Nurses.


Child Health Surveillance


In conjunction with the Health Visitor, your GP will periodically assess your child’s developmental progress. Please make sure any change of address is notified to the Health Visitor as well as the surgery.




Childhood immunisations are carried out mostly by the practice nurses in accordance with current guidelines. If you require immunisation for travel, please give as much notice as possible and advise us in writing of the countries you are due to travel to. The reception staff will advise you when to telephone to arrange any appointments and prescriptions. Please note from 1st December 2010 Travel Vaccinations are not available via NHS and must be paid for privately. Flu vaccinations are available for those that are at risk and those over the age of 65 from October annually. A shingles vaccination is available at the age of 70 to protect against Shingles and a pneumo vaccinations from the age of 65 to protect against pneumonia.


Minor Operations


A variety of minor surgical procedures under local anaesthesia are offered. Initial assessment takes place during normal surgery and you may be asked to come back for the operation at a later date.


Health Promotion


Health advice is given on an opportunistic basis. We recommend a health check to anyone who has not seen a doctor for three years or anyone aged over 75. Please feel welcome to make an appointment.


Private Medical Examinations


Pre-employment, Life Insurance and other Medical Examinations are undertaken outside normal surgery hours and carry a charge. (Please DO NOT book into normal surgery) 


District Nurses


District Nurses provide care in the community and can be contacted by telephone on 656032


Health Visitor


Health Visitors provide support, advice and health promotion, assessment of babies and young children and care of the elderly.They can be contacted on 656030



Family Practitioner Services


The Department of Health and Social Security, Family Practitioner Services, can be contacted at:Crookall House, Demesne Road, Douglas, IM1 3QA Tel: 642694

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