Laxey & Village Walk Health Centres at 1 The Village Walk, IM3 4EA & New Road, IM4 7BF

Training Practice

We have been approved from Health Education North West GP School as a training practice. We will be responsible for delivering high quality training for general practice

As a training practice, doctors experienced in hospital medicine join us for a few months to a year before embarking on careers in general practice.They work under supervision from the partners. Often we will have a G.P. Registrar (a fully trained doctor who is receiving final specialist G.P. training) or Foundation year doctor( fully qualified doctor who is training in General practice).

He/she will be available for consultation. We usually have one or two doctors training with us. Because of this role you may find that some of our consultations are recorded on videotape. These recordings are kept strictly confidential and are used for teaching doctors. Your consent will always be sought before this is done, so you have the choice to refuse prior to seeing the doctor.